The Cranbury School - in-service day - 1.15.2016

Published on Nov 18, 2015

This presentation is for The Cranbury School.


The Cranbury School -
in-service day - 1.15.2016

iPad Apps, Extensions,
& Websites for Grades K-4

Jay Eitner, Eitner Education LLC
@iSuperEit /

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1) Twitter

*I am leaving this on here until EVERY EDUCATOR signs up!* 
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2) See. Touch. Learn.

Great for younger ages and special education needs 
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3) Instagram: a great way to connect with your current student body.

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4) Stupeflix

Think iMovie, but free and on all devices
Photo by Carbon Arc

4) Stupeflix

Think iMovie, but free and on all devices
Photo by Carbon Arc


free professional-quality newsletters with analytics!
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6) tickle

 Program drones, robots, connected toys, & smart home devices, all wirelessly. 
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7) Kahoot!

Bring the game show to your class!
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8) Symbaloo

Make your bookmarks visual and in one spot!
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9) Chicktioniary

Make as many words as you can from jumbled letters. Addictive! 
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10) Edulastic

PARCC & CommonCore questions all uploaded; free to use! 
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11) Says-it

Turn an advertisement into an ad in your school! 

12) E-maze

3D / interactive presentations!
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13) Padlet

an online cork-board
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with apps for the iPod & iPad
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15) EarthViewer

Scroll through Earth history for the last 4.5 billion years. 
Photo by Kevin M. Gill

16) Trello

Think Pinterest, but not being distracted by Pinterest 

17) GradeCam

Stop buying Scantrons!

18) Curriculet

Embed questions, quizzes and rich media directly into the reading.

19) news-ela

Reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news.
Photo by Hindrik S

20) History Line

A great timeline app for US history. 

21) Periscope

Stream live anywhere & everywhere from your phone 
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22) Virtual Manipultives

Make manipulatives with your iPads! 
Photo by roswellsgirl

23) BookTrack

Add music to student essays to enhance!

24) Voxer

walkie-talkies, but for educators 
Photo by T Gibbison

25) Turn Off The Lights

Dim everything on the page so you can watch just the video! 
Photo by miss mass

26) Readability

Take out all of the garbage and just have text!
Photo by John-Morgan

27) Stay Focused

Keep yourself or students on task! 
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28) Boomerang

Don't be "That Guy" sending out emails at 8:00 PM on Saturday! 
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Building Atoms (Carolina Science)

Great for grades 4-12 
Photo by TonZ

30) Grammarly

A floating grammar teacher! 
Photo by Brett Jordan

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