The contemplative construction of reality

Published on May 18, 2017

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The contemplative construction of reality

The forgotten way

We are born to distraction

We learn to cultivate attention
Photo by Ian Sane

We are born to distraction

We learn to cultivate attention
Photo by Ian Sane

“ A major perspective in explaining how we perceive reality is the concept of the “social construction of reality” [it]privileges communication as the major channel for creating shared meaning.”
Mara Adelman

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When nightingales break the law

Silence and the construction of reality - Sandra Braman
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"Communication becomes visible only against the field of silence [...] and the social construction of reality has a complement, the also necessary contemplative construction of reality."

"Finding ways to protect silence as an arena of personal and social choice is particularly poignant [...] at this frontier moment for the human species.”

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as a political and moral act
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“The dialectical perspective is grounded in the notion that we need to examine contrary perspectives that [...] vacillate in nature. Like a tightrope, these “oppositions” are held in tension and only momentarily resolved.” Mara Abelman

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Is it good or bad?


Contemplation Activism

  • Cultivating fluidity to see background and foreground beyond motivated reasoning
  • What is not being attended to?
  • See the world as it presents itself to the eye not just impose a shape on it
  • Mind chatter is the boundary of conscious and unconscious, we train the mind to access it in silence
  • Else, fast always wins.

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Mind chatter

our inner landfills?
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Dialectically, social and contemplative practices can oscillate, feeding into each other, as a cycle of activity and respite; a pulse for everyday life. Mara Adelman

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Contemplation Activism fights to maintain the human pulse of life

the social AND the contemplative
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Bring contemplation (back) to the fore

  • Know we embody the obsolete in mind chatter - train the mind
  • Protect silence as a personal and social choice - inconvenient choices
  • Anthropomorphising the clock, brings only temporary relief
  • Every decision excludes (or should) as much as it includes

Mariana Funes

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