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The Client(Tate's)

Published on Nov 23, 2015

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The Client

for a Row House in San Fransico
Photo by WarzauWynn

They're a Couple

both 21 year old
Photo by moriza

Their Interests

They like movies, videogames, and soccer
Photo by Paladin27

Their Jobs

Man is a IT tech at a business firm. Woman is a Waitress at a 3 star restrautant


The money they make is low, so they need an affordable home.
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They inherited a plot of land in San Fran and money to construct a house
Photo by aresauburn™


It needs to have their ideals and wants to be part of the design
Photo by Shiny Things


For this to happen, they approached an Architect


The Architect said he would design the building.
Photo by Richard.Asia