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The Client

Published on Nov 25, 2015

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The Clients

Two good friends fresh out of the University of Pensylvania

Blake Shwarma

A freestyle rock climber from Doylestown, Philadelphia

Marvin Spitz

A competitive swimmer from Zeiglerville, Philadelphia
Photo by nooccar

The house

They bought the last house on a double house lot
Photo by GO TO 2040

The Expenses

Money isn't a problem they've been saving for a while
Photo by Great Beyond

Their needs

Marvin and Blake want both of their sides of the house to represent their sports
Photo by Anosmia

Blake's needs

Blake wants his side of the house to be more open so he can climb in it

Marvin's needs

Marvin wants his side of the house to be an ocean like theme for the walls
Photo by betta design