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The Client

Published on May 02, 2016

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The Client

Francis Mccoy

  • Francis Mccoy is an English professor who just recently moved to California. Francis is majored in Technological Architecture and plans to teach his students based on a garden design. Francis wants his students to design a garden which is like a computer, it has to represent the flow of imformation. Francis also would like an architectural folly, a building that has no purpose to serve as a mark for a certain dat, The birth of the web. On this certain date Francis wants the sun to hit a certain trigger that will set off an event located withen the garden. Francis Mccoy is looking greatly forward the this garden and would not like to be disapointed!

The folly

  • A follow is a building that serves no certain use, Francis has requested one.

The goal

  • Francis wants a garden that acts like a computer, he wants the whole garden to be connected somehow.

The date

  • Francis wants the folly to activate something withen the garden on a certain date, te birth of the web.

Francis Mccoy

  • Major in Technological Architecture, an English professor

A day in the life of Francis Mccoy

(Not litterally everything)

Waking up

  • In the morning Francis wakes up to the sweet quacking of ducks coming from his alarm clock which is located next to his bed. Because of such a soothing awaking Francis slowly gets out of bed, stretches, yawns, and stands up in his ducky pajamas. Francis then slowly moves over to his dresser slowly slipping on his "super quacky ducky slippers" (not sold in stores). Then as normal routine Francis goes to the bathroom which is conveniently located in the back of his room.

Getting ready with Francis

  • When Francis enters his bathroom in the morning first thing he does is brush and look low in the mirror because he does not want to see his ugly morning face. After Francis is done brushing he does other things that we are just gonna skip.... Once Francis is clean and refreshed he puts on his favorite yellow suit and admires himself in his mirror. Once Francis is done admiring he likes to go to his living area and look out the giant glass window at his beautiful garden.

Enjoying the day

  • When Francis gets hungry he sits down and makes himself a bowl of his favorite cereal, "ducky-o's". Once Francis is done eating he enjoys going down to his garden and going down to his special area and look at the statistics from the previous day.

Dinner time with Francis

  • After a long hard day Francis likes to go up to his living area and kick off his shoes and watch tv using the free energy his garden provides for him. After a while Francis starts getting hungry and gets up and walks over to his covenant kitchen which is connected to his living area. Francis prepares his favorite meal, Duck with fries and chows down.

Nighty night Francis

  • After a delicious meal Francis kicks back and relax's until it is time to go to bed. Francis walks to his bed room, puts on his ducky pajamas and goes silently to sleep to repeat the same thing the next day...