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The Cell Nucleus

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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  • A brief review of the nucleus
  • Work on E. coli paper
  • Use microscopes to observe cell parts


  • Outline the form and function of nucleus
  • Structure and function of nuclear envelope
  • Explain role of nucleous
  • Make progress on E. coli paper
  • Apply what you've learned when using microscope
Photo by deqalb

In eukaryotic cells DNA lives in the nucleus, the largest organelle.

Photo by Exothermic

Each chromosome contains many genes coded by DNA.

When a call is not dividing, DNA is loosely coiled in long, thin strands of chromatin.

Photo by Image Editor

The nucleus has a double membrane called the nuclear envelope. The outer membrane is continuous with the ER.

The nuclear envelop has nuclear pores.

Some nuclei contain a nucleolus to assemble ribosomes.

Microscope Lab

  • Observe at least two types of cells.
  • Draw the cells.
  • Label the nucleus and cell membrane.
Photo by Takeshi Kawai