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The Case for Shared Ownership

Published on May 25, 2017

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The Case for Shared Ownership

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How do Uber, ZipCar, AirBnB

Influence Real Estate?
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Home Ownership is Important

  • Mortgage rates are still low
  • Build equity
  • No capital gains tax
  • Fastest way to grow wealth
  • Avoid renting in retirement
  • Create a nest egg
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Wouldn't you like to stop

paying your landlord's mortgage?
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Everyone deserves

a place to call their own
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Toronto Housing

It isn't getting any cheaper

What happens in other pricey cities?

Friends don't let friends buy real estate alone.
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Sharing Real Estate is Owning Real Estate

The time has come...
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Achieve the ideal shared space through renovations


You must each hire a lawyer
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You must determine if you and your partner have the same Financial, Family & Marital Goals

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A Lawyer will help you draw up a partnership agreement

Seek independent legal advice

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You must contact a mortgage broker so you can figure out how to finance this

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Benefits of Multiple Incomes:
Your mortgage file with the bank will be submitted together to the financial institution so you will both benefit from each other’s income.

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And you can finance some renos

Let’s meet for coffee to discuss how Shared Ownership might work for you. Just call or text me at 416.509.3286 or email davelle@bosleyrealestate.com

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