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The Best Dad in the world

Published on Mar 01, 2016

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The Best Dad in the world

Wilbert Lemay Moore
Photo by marfis75

Born on March 9,1971 In a Car, In front of the Hospital

My Father Grew up in Granville County on a Small Farm were they had Horses Pigs ETC.
Photo by keeva999

The Parents Of My Father are

Magnora Lemay, Wilbert Jr Moore
Photo by lazyphyllis

sports life

  • My Dad played basketball from the 8th grade through 12th
  • He played for Hawley Hornets and the South Granville Vikings
  • He stopped playing because he had a bad knee injury
Photo by Mike Saechang


  • Sports
  • Drag Racing
  • Movies

My Dads Family Tree

  • 3 brothers
  • 6 sisters
  • 8 nephews
  • 4 nieces
  • 6 uncles
  • 5 aunts
  • 11 or more cousins
  • 2 parents
Photo by Ben McLeod


  • Commercial Vehicle Operator (CVO)
  • He is in the Million Man Mile Club
  • He is also a Driver Trainer
  • He's been driving for more than 20 years Safely


  • Myrtle Beach
  • Kings Dominion
  • Walt Disney World
  • Carowinds
  • NHRA 4 Wide ( Racing)
  • Grand Father Mountain
  • Bahamas
  • And A Whole Lot More

Thank u For taking ur Time Through My Dads Life

By Kishon Moore