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The Beginner's Guide to Writing an Essay | Steps & Examples-2021 Guide

Published on Nov 25, 2021

Writing academic essays can be a difficult task for anyone. Many people are not clear how to write, where to start and what steps they should take in order to finish their essay and get it approved by the teacher. The best essay writing service in usa will help you write your academic essay step-by-step starting from the first idea about your subject that pops into your mind until you turn this idea a into an interesting piece of writing that has something to say and is well structured. Take the time right now to check out each point on this list but do not rush – do all of them one by one:

*Note: If after reading this article and trying some tips, you still feel like there is more you can do to get organized before you write your academic essay, check out our Academic Essay Writing Starter Kit – it gives simple and effective ideas on writing essays that are both interesting and well structured.

*Note: Not sure where to start? Check out the section "Starting with a thesis statement" in Part 2 of this article!

1) Define your topic

The entire process of academic writing starts from deciding exactly what subject (or part of subject) you want to research or discuss. At this point it is very important to have an idea about the possible sources for your information or argumentation. You can easily find many books, magazines articles, newspapers, websites or online essay writing service related to the field that your choice belongs. The most common sources for academic essays are:

2) Locate your sources of information

If you have decided on a topic, it is important to check out the sources where you can find more detailed information about this subject and try to check as many resources as possible. In some cases the number of available publications may be very high but in other cases it may be quite limited or even non-existent (especially when talking about history). Do not forget to use different search engines – Google being just one of them. Also remember that there are specialized libraries, archives and museums with rich collections of materials such as books, newspapers, recordings etc. You will need to visit these places if your research will require any archival work. Things like that usually happen with topics related to history or arts.

3) Read more

This step does not go with the previous ones because it is much more relaxed and involves reading – your focus being rather on understanding the material and getting familiar with what you read than searching for specific information that will help you write your academic essay. Start with easy-to-understand publications (magazines, newspapers, internet articles etc.) but make sure that you eventually expand your knowledge by tackling different genres and authors writing in different styles. You can also try nonfiction books about general topics related to your area of research. When reading imagine that tomorrow you will need to explain these ideas or occurrences to someone who has never heard of them before – this way you will be able to really understand how to make your reading work for you.

4) Write down what you have read

Using a notebook or simply pieces of paper, write down observations, ideas and thoughts that are in your mind after reading the material. It is very helpful to organize these notes into different sections and subheadings as there will be many of them – especially when talking about research on a wide range subject (for example: world history). Also do not forget to check out some books by legit essay writing service who have published their essays in book-form – this way you can really get an idea what types of notes writing looks like and how a writer organizes his/her info before turning it into final draft. If you notice something interesting or important while flipping through various publications, take a note! It will certainly help you later on.

5) Learn about the subject and think about your approach to it

At this point you should already have some notes that summarize what you already know about your topic – even if it is not too much. The key thing here is to understand how complex or limited your research really is. Use those questions you had in mind during reading as starting points for understanding the material better: check out the most interesting parts of your reading and try to answer them with more resources (if available).

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