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the ADHD utility belt

Published on Nov 19, 2015

pack your bag with a few essential items to help keep ADHD from getting in your way


the ADHD utility belt

...or bag
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ADHD is a condition that affects your "executive functions"

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executive functions shape how you interact with your world

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executive functions in ADHD

  • organization
  • working memory
  • emotion regulation
  • focus
  • effort
  • action & motivation

pack your bag with a few essentials to help keep ADHD from getting in your way

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1) wristwatch

ADHD can mess with your perception of time
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2) notecards

use a small stack + a binder clip to capture thoughts & to organize
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3) earplugs

ADHD can make you more sensitive to distracting & loud noises
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4) book

waiting your turn is less painful if you're at Hogwarts
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5) smartphone

take a picture to remember... set a reminder to look at the picture
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6) apps

Evernote to save notecards, 30/30 to focus, etc.
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7) ADHD meds

if applicable...

8) create your own

find a system that works for you and use it every day