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The 8 Smarts By. Ava Wells

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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  • Nature and body smart
  • Word and logical smart
  • People and myself smart
  • Music and picture smart
  • Know you know the 8 smarts come look at mine

I am nature smart because...
I love animals a lot by the. Way I'm almost to 15 pets anyway I also love being out doors I'm always out side doing something. Everyday I take care of all my pets making sure they get food water and tons of attention and love.

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Word smart...
I am word smart because I love to create things write and fill journals with my stories all day I ALSo love to do puzzles and word searches oh and I love readingTo.

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Logic smart...
I am logic smart because I love organizing researching using logical arguments analyzing And solving problems also making patterns.

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Picture smart..
I am picture smart because I love art,designing,photographing,mazes,drawling plans,maps,inventing,and mental pics also diagrams

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Music smart...
I am music smart because, I love singing dancing rhyming keeping the beat playing instruments remembering songs rapping sound effects.

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