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Ten trips for organising a business trip to...

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Ten trips for organising a business trip to...


The airport is located near the city centre with

There are plenty of taxis but they are expensive. Hotels do offer guests free Geneva transport card

Book accommodation well in advance. Check out Hotel N'vy for a reasonably priced business hotel

Geneva is an expensive city. Make sure you take plenty of Swiss Francs

It is normal to leave change as a gesture but tipping for service is not expected

English is widely spoken but a few key French phrases do come in handy

There are plenty of things to see in Geneva if you have a few spare hours. Spend time walking around the spectacular lake

The United Nations is just outside the centre of Geneva. A taxi is the best way to reach the offices

Place du Bourg de Fours is a great place for cocktails and client entertainment

Photo by mgrenner57

Every visitor to Geneva should try Fondu. Restaurant les Armures is a fondu institution