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Ten Simple Ways To Become A #HungryWorm

Published on Nov 18, 2015

We want to get you involved in our very social experiment sharing books & stories in South West London.


Ten simple ways to become a #hungryworm

@hungryworms hungryworms.org

1. Donate a book you love

to your local community

2. Browse our eclectic collection

built entirely by your peers
Photo by nooccar

3. Host your own community bookcase

in a very social space
Photo by estherase

4. Join our remarkable journey

on twitter, instagram & meetup
Photo by djwtwo

5. Help us learn together

by lending your talent
Photo by oudodou

6. Catch-up with us remotely

via @SwarmApp

7. Arrange a home visit

we'll use any old excuse
Photo by -Snugg-

8. Organise a book collection day

at school, uni or work
Photo by otherthings

9. Join us for a coffee morning

we love a random meet

10. Spread the wonderful news

books are for sharing

Join the social movement

@hungryworms hungryworms.org
Photo by c@rljones