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Ten Reasons Visual Communication Can't Be Ignored

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Why visual communication is arguably the best way to reach your audiences, and five tips for using images in your content


can't be ignored

10 Reasons Visual Communication
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

but that's an understatement,

and here are ten reasons why:
1,000 words really aren't that many, are they?

90% of it is visual

Of information transmitted to the brain,
Just think about how that compares to the last 10% of information being divided up across all of your other senses.
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fraction of a second

Images can evoke emotion in a
Especially if you're prone to cute animal pictures, like most of the Internet community...

60,000 times faster

Compared to text, visuals are processed
In the time it takes to read this sentence, how many images do you think you could have looked through, understood, and memorized enough to remember them later?

increases comprehension by 89%

Combining visuals with text in communication
If you want people to really understand any point you're driving home, or be inspired by an idea you're sharing, there's no better way than to support it with visuals.
Photo by IvanClow

are easily understood

Text can be misinterpreted, while visuals
You can totally add "understands some signs in foreign languages" to your résumé. You're welcome.
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44% more likely to engage with images

On social media, people are
You've been on Facebook.

You know it's true.
Photo by afagen

48% more views

Press releases with photos and video receive
Think about how many photos you've revisited, movies you're re-watched, etc. compared to articles you've re-read. Also, consider how much easier it is to share a photo with a group of friends than it is to get the same amount of people to read an article.
Photo by katerha

120% more engagement

Facebook posts with images have
No need for dramatic, click-bait headlines! Just include beautiful, interesting, exciting photos, and people will love ('like') it.
Photo by studio79

4 times as likely to comment

Readers of blog posts with good visuals are
Readers feel more engaged with posts that feature images, making them more comfortable diving into conversation about the topic at hand.
Photo by Laurie Pink

drives engagement.

Visual content
Whether you want users to click, view, read, comment, Tweet, share, post, email, or Pin to Pinterest, the evidence clear: visual communication is the best way to drive engagement and grow your audience.
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visual communication is priceless.

1,000 words?
In sum: using visuals in your communications will cause your content to be understood more easily and quickly, cause a better emotional reaction, and driving user interaction and sharing.
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Here are some tips to make the most out of visual communication:

use images to tell a story

You can illustrate a point, demonstrate inspiration, open a story, tell the punchline, and more. Be creative!
Photo by Chad_Norman

feature realistic people

Have you ever passed a billboard and thought a character on it was smiling a little *too* much about dental insurance coverage to be realistic? Don't do that.

Give your viewers characters they can relate to, and they will find themselves more easily immersed in your content.

seek balance in your content

Don't overwhelm with text or with images. Find a pleasant conversation between the two.
Photo by a4gpa

avoid decorations

Don't just use photos for the sake of using photos; people will skim past your content and learn not to pay attention to it. Make every image meaningful and interesting for the topic at hand.
Photo by DaveFayram

be positive

People love to share things that bring them joy and happiness, and tend to pass over things that are going to ruin their day. Make your viewers smile, laugh, or be surprised, and they'll want to do the same for their friends... by sharing your content with them.
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Haiku deck:

over 35 million Creative Commons images, free!
Haiku Deck makes it super easy to tell your story visually, with over 35 million free images with Creative Commons license attributions.
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