Telling your Story

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Telling Your Story

Speaking for Non-Speakers


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PrEscriptive Talks

This is How You Do It
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Narrative Stories

This is my Experience
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Imposter Syndrome

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WWW5, Paris, 1996

Nif-T-Nav at the Speed of Light
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In a Mirror

Rarely Effective for Me
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Rehearsing with Friends

Much better

Sharing your Story

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I Love Haikudeck
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Too Many Words

Make People Sleepy
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what makes a good story?
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Back Up Your Story

Pictures Evoke Emotions

How Many?

1 minute per slide usually works for me
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Yeah, it's a Thing
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It's not a Race
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Forgetting Your Lines

It's not a Play, Either


Your first two slides
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The Audience is on Your Side

Meet some!
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Talk to the Friendly People

The Other Ones are Probably Not Listening
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2007, Houston, YAPC

(Yet Another Perl Conference)


42 Slides
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In a mirror, like a play

Spoiler Alert

None of this was helpful

Huge Room!

Filled with Perl Royalty
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Deep Breath...

I Can Do This
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No dongle. Total newb mistake.
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And then...

My system made like a brick
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And see the pretty beach balls
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Another system? Target mode?


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Another System

No slides, just demo
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Deep Breath

Gosh, I'm Sure Glad I worked on Those Slides

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Thanks, Casey ;-)

Another Good Samaritan

USB to the rescue!
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The suspense is killing you, right?
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No Network!

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Deep Breath

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No Props

Just me and the audience
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No more anxiety

Just some slight delirium

The Result?

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What did I learn?

A different approach
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Doesn't help me
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Telling my story

In different ways, to different people


Need to inspire and guide me
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More words

Is not better
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10 Years Later...

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I love speaking

People love stories

And remember them
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Not lectures
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Your successes

Or... Challenges

Technical Topics

Code on Slides

Need context
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User Stories

Better than abstract concepts
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Connect with your audience

Finding your story

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Find your passion

Your story is there

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