Technology & Educational Leadership - NJCOE

Published on Sep 25, 2016

This is a keynote presentation for the New Jersey Council of Education.


Technology & Educational Leadership

NJCOE - October 2016 - FEA 

Jay Eitner, Superintendent of Schools

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Lord, I was born a ramblin' man

  • K-8 teacher in Roselle (Union)
  • 8th-grade history teacher in East Brunswick (Middlesex)
  • Assistant Principal in Long Valley (Morris)
  • K-12 Supervisor in Hopewell Valley (Mercer)
  • Superintendent of Schools in LAC (Salem) and currently Waterford (Camden)

700 apps get published a week.

Do you have the time to review them?
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I feel like life today is sort of like this...

In 1997, my Superintendent told our graduating class two things:

1) Stay off of the internet.

2) Don't get into a stranger's car.

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In 2016, I'm using my phone to gain internet access to get in a stranger's car.

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In 1997, I had to call Domino's Pizza to order a pie and have cash ready.

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In 2016, I can call, text, tweet, or send an emoji to Domino's; cash is discouraged.

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In 1997, I had to get a travel agent to purchase a train ticket to get to college to get a paper course guide and stand in line (for eternity) to register for classes.

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Today, not only do I pick my classes online, I take some online.

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Today, I can run almost every aspect of my life from my phone.

How cool... or how sad?

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6 years than 60 years

Technology has changed the classroom more in the past 

Love it or loathe it, we have a responsibility to meet learners where they are today.

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Besides meeting learners where they are, the community also has to be met where THEY are.

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"The Digital Divide"

"The Homework Gap"

(insert your own edu-babble in a quote)

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Edu-Presenter Bingo

Schools today should be using:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • SnapChat
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Incident creates policy.

Policy creates regulation.

Don't go rogue.

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Twitter = the best PD on the planet.

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Why Twitter?

  • Instantaneous.
  • To the point.
  • If people want more, you add a link and they click.
  • Keeps you on message.
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Fast. Free. Instant notification. Make it YOURS. 
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Why Remind?

  • Mass-texting
  • Fast.
  • To the point.
  • Create different groups.

I don't want to go on every platform to send a message.


(If This, Then, That)


Look like a superstar upon return 
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  • First passed by Reagan
  • Re-authorized every year for phones; now wireless phones and internet
  • December 2016: INTERNET ONLY
  • $10.00 / internet - - $9.75 grant =
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  • Part of the AmericaON initiative under President Obama
  • Those at or under modified income standard (including F/R lunch)
  • Entire districts can qualify
  • 3 GB @ LTE rate / unlimited 3G wireless hotspot (up to 10 devices can connect)
  • $78.00 for FIVE years
  • Offers refurbished laptops & tablets
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#CSforAll summit

September, 2016 
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start here... 
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Most open-source CS materials are FREE!

So is most of the PD that is needed with it. 
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Money is out there.  Let it come to you. 

Crowdfunding is letting one of my 6th-grade teachers send a project to space. OUTERSPACE!!!!

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My "Dirty 30" v 4.0 presentation:

Be relevant. Your learners and community will thank you.