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Tech + You

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Tech + You

In the Library Classroom
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Workshop Plan

  • overview of active learning in tech enhanced classrooms
  • considerations for integrating tech into your teaching
  • example lesson plans using technology + active learning

Active Learning @
UT-San Antonio

Active Learning @ McCombs

More about the Active Learning Classrooms at McCombs: https://my.mccombs.utexas.edu/My/BBA/Active-Learning-Classroom/The-ALC-Spac...

Active Learning @
the UT Libraries

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physically Different

  • Orientation --> no "front of the classroom"
  • Technology --> multiple screens / no pointing / sharing controls / BYOD
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Pedagogically Different

  • If students are sitting in groups, they expect group work
  • Embrace their role of active participants; "empowered partners"
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Just pick 1 thing to start with!

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In what ways do you currently use technology in your classroom?

The "Forumula"

Picking a tool or approach based on your goals + need

Active Learning / Outcomes?

  • to get feedback to decide what to cover and for how long? [formative assessment]
  • to deliver content or reinforce concepts
  • participants to collaborate to learn from one another [peer-teaching]
  • your ideas

Deciding on an approach

  • work individually to share with small group or larger class
  • work together in small groups using the flat screen assigned to their group
  • present their small group work to the larger group by pushing their screen to the rest of the class
  • your ideas

Deciding on a technology

  • Google Forms, Docs, Sheets / Microsoft Word Processing
  • Poll Everywhere (personal response with public view)
  • Online video (YouTube / Vimeo / Streaming
  • Doceri or other personal device's projection tool
  • Projection of one's screen or search
  • your ideas

INfo Lit

Common Concepts Covered in the Classroom


  • Assign a class topic
  • Individual keyword brainstorm on own device
  • Share, test, and play in small group, projecting screens in small group
  • Share successful search in large group
From Stonehill College's McPhaidain LIbrary, Liz Close: http://libguides.stonehill.edu/ld.php?content_id=4602139

Evaluating Sources

  • Students work in small groups to evaluate different assigned sources;
  • A recorder in each group fills out a GoogleForm with the source's strengths + weaknesses
  • The large group reconvenes and displays source on screens for all to see and discuss information's uses in various contexts

Database Selection

  • Come up with class topic and assign each group a different library database
  • Using Google Form with characteristics of different library databases, student collaborate in small groups to investigate the library database assigned to them;
  • In a large group, each report out about the different similarities and differences of library databases

Scholarly vs. Popular

  • Pre-select one scholarly and one popular article and post to course guide
  • Review articles in a group and answer questions in small groups
  • Each group shares their responses as you build a collaborative scholarly vs. popular grid (in a Google Doc or whiteboard)

Your Class Plans

Let's Workshop