Teachers Talk Haiku Deck

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Teachers Talk Haiku Deck

#ISTE13 June 2013

Haiku Deck helps teachers capture evidence of learning.

How have you captured your students learning?
Photo by Kathy Cassidy

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You can't actually just "copy" everything from Google.
Photo by qthomasbower

ELLs need images to increase vocabulary.

I love hearing my ELLs say "Can I make {this concept} a Haiku Deck?"
Photo by VinothChandar

Haiku Deck makes the presentation come alive

and makes it a conversation, not a presentation.
Photo by Vandy CFT

Haiku Deck encourages students to become

better storytellers.

My students create

two-sentence stories.
Photo by nist6ss

Use Haiku Deck to teach ELLs--it's not so wordy,

so students get the academic language.
Photo by ericmay

Haiku Deck builds vocabulary

and ultimately builds their confidence.
Photo by foilman

Use it as a creation tool and let students

take ownership of their own learning.
Photo by mulberrymint

Haiku Deck helps students be INTENTIONAL with their words.

It helps develop complete sentences and thoughts.
Photo by Vince Alongi

If they type too much,

words get smaller.
Photo by kennymatic

Visuals give learners "time to wonder."

Photo by Philippe Put

Thank you, teachers!

Thank you to our virtual event team: https://twitter.com/HaikuDeck/iste13-virtual-team/members and especially to these inspiring educators who shared their thoughts and tweets:

Mindi Vandagriff, @MindiVandagriff

Monique Dalli, @1moniqued

Haiku Deck Guru Rafranz Davis, @rafranzdavis

George Couros, @gcouros

Haiku Deck Guru Jeremy Macdonald, @MrMacnology

Martha Lackey, @lackeym

Haiku Deck in the Classroom

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