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-this will help you find some ways to participate today
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teach for all #ALTTECH

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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-this will help you find some ways to participate today


  • We are currently preparing students for 
  • jobs that don't exist yet...
  • Using technologies that don't exist yet...
  • In order to solve problems
  • we don't even know are problems yet
-think about this as we work today

People learn in different ways

on different days
Big Idea: personalize and differentiate instruction for all learners, including yourself
-people learn in different ways on different days:
”I like how you don’t treat everybody the same because people who learn on different days in different ways wouldn’t get the help that they need”-Molly


-we are going to think big today
-I’m going to give you a ton of resources, ideas
-for lots, I won’t stop, if you have something you want more details about - backchannel it (todaysmeet, twitter, email...)
-if you need more information, talk about challenges, ask questions, there are lots of ways to reach me
-more effective, efficient, purposeful, transparent teaching
-get a philosophy - ask yourself why
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  • Who are you?
  • What is the one thing you are supremely qualified to do?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • What do these people want or need?
  • How do they transform as  a result of what you give them?
-Elevator Pitch/Life Purpose to get you started - Adam Leipzig
-who are you
-what do you love to do - what is the one thing you feel supremely qualified to teach other people
-who do you do it for
-what do those people want or need?
-how do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

Me: I’m Shauna. I love to make safe, inspiring places for kids. They need someone who believes in them. I help them become the people they never knew they could be.

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elevator pitch

philosophies - Drumming to the Beat of Different Marchers, Teach Like a Pirate, ADD EGGS, Schools of FISH!, Push back the desks
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people learn in different ways

on different days
-here’s my philosophy and how I implement it (constantly changing)
-community (incl class name, “family”), child centred, individualized, use of tech, purposeful, passionate

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-my experiences with “Alternative” education
-basically just best practices, people are curious about what our “alternative” is, basically just a philosophy shared in all three parts of triad - students, parents, staff
-as a student
-as a teacher in and out of alternative settings
-non competition/intrinsic motivation;
-no marks, no competition between students....it does not mean we’re not assessing

ongoing organic learning and assessment

-organic learning and assessment;
-red/yellow/green - traffic lights of comprehension, mastery
-Comm cups
-success criteria, collaboratively created rubrics/checklists
-classroom arrangement, groups (incl popsicle sticks, SOLEs)
-I liked it when...next time


-ownership: “We use Norman so we have to teach him. On the scale of how we learn best, the best way to learn is to teach someone else.” - Madi
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child centred, child directed

-child centred/directed learning;
-Mustard, Ketchup and Pickle
-Traffic lights
-BANSHO “BANSHO lets people share the way that they do math and it
teaches you leadership and team skills and it benefits to listen to other people.” -Pat

multi-age groupings

-multi-age groupings;
opportunities to role model, learn from and with each other
-Reading Buddies
-Breathing Buddies
-Math Buddies

family, community & global connections

-extensive family involvement;
-community/global outreach;
-build skills - global awareness, social justice
-Leadership Club, Kiva, fundraising
-Experiments with Nisha
-stand up for girls, hot chocolate for hope, lemonade stand

personalized, differentiated tasks to challenge all learners

-personalized, differentiated, challenge all learners
-opportunities for students to get into “flow”, where they lose track of time
-Genius Hour
-project based learning
-inquiry based learning
-assess differently based on student needs/goals

innovative, targeted teaching techniques

-innovative/differentiated learning environment
-respond to needs - MindUP, Mindful Buddies, therapy dog
-Brain Gym
-tech - innovation

STOP!!! Alternative philosophy turn and talk
-what do you think it's the alternative to? what parts seemed innovative to you?

collaborative curator

no more sage on the stage or guide on the side

-teacher model: sage on stage, guide on side, collaborative curator
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the samr model

-innovative/differentiated learning environment
-purposeful use of tech - thoughtful
-ownership/transparency - Daybook online, planning with Pinterest

-Substitution - tech acts as a direct tool substitute with no functional
-Augmentation - direct tool substitute with functional improvement
-Modification - tech allows for significant task redesign
-Redefinition - tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously

STOP!!! Turn and talk
-how do you currently use tech in your personal life

communicate, collaborate

-communication, collaboration, connection, creation, consume, curate
-Skype: Mystery Skype, people on holidays, sharing work, special guests (Virtual Student Teacher, author, firefighter)

create, communicate, collaborate

-students and I post - Digital Classroom, extend learnings, gets rid of walls
-Blog: Digital Lit Circles, working with Eric Walters

“I want people to know about the blog, because when people look at it, like teachers from around the world learn new things they never knew before and get new ideas, you want other people around the world to try doing what you’re doing”-Mel

curate, create, communicate

-Twitter: hashtags for events, tweeting at people, sharing photos, live tweeting events and school day, reteweeted by Kid President, “I really like that our class has a twitter, and we can connect to anyone else.” -Millie

-Twitter for teachers - PLN, twitter is your personalized staff room

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-Edmodo - collaborate for “Global Read Aloud”
-Chromebooks - GAFE, Drive for collaboration
-iPads (puppet pals, Show Me, iMovie), Instagram, QR codes, maker

STOP!!! Turn and talk - are you comfortable with tech? how can you use it in your classroom?

build a world where your children are stronger than you ever were.

-authentic tasks
-authentic audience
-responsible digital citizenship
-teachable moments
-asking permission (media permission for students and those you share about)
-kids as tech support

all this technology

is making us antisocial
control your own digital footprint
-classroom teacher, school teacher or global teacher
-everyone should know about the things you’re doing in your classroom and what your kids are doing
-being a connected educator - in person and online (incl Edcamp, upcoming PLAYDATE)
-PLN, #cdnedchat

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-Call to action
-get a philosophy - choose one you like or make one up, make it your own, authenticity
-Schools of FISH!
-Jimmy Fallon
-Myth of the Super Teacher - See Me After Class by Roxanna Elden

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Thank you!

ANy questions? @misspollock Shauna.pollock@ocdsb.ca
Stick through supply teaching, make it fun, bring your philosophy with you-Supply teaching - Mystery Box, $1 word, Business cards
-Myth of the Super Teacher - See Me After Class by Roxanna Elden