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Survival Guide:

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Survival Guide:

Personal Project

1. Pick a Topic you'll enjoy

You will need to enjoy it for 3 Terms

2. Be orginial

Don't do a topic you would do just because your friends are

3. Stay on top

Try and do Personal Project at least 4 times a week

4. Keep a journal

Document everything you do for Personal Project

5. Get expert advice

Contact a range of people

6. Survey the community

Not just your friends try and get out to the community

7. Keep your Mind open

Listen to any advice given by students or teachers

8. Have Mentor meetings

Make them regular

9.Have fun

Remember to enjoy this

10.Think Creative

You will attract more people to your stand if you make it creative

11. Use time

If you happen to have time in class use it wisely

Tips by Charlotte S

Good Luck!