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Sunny' s Little Peasant

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Stanza 1
There lived a poor peasant named Lenny who didn't have any single penny Lenny's wife who all ways wanted a cow but the poor poor peasant didn't know how then he has an great idea, he told tim "to make a small rare baby cow for him."

Stanza 2
Little Lenny brand his calf to the herd Lenny said "look after my calf, bird?" "I will" he said, the peasant went home Ill the cow herd threw the calf down the huge hill "CRACK!" Went the calf down the hill, the peasant went to pick up the calf and wasn't pleasant

Stanza 3
He went to the mayor to speak about cow mayor condemn herd to give his cool cow now! The pleasant peasant went back to his house he told his wife "there is a mouse"

Stanza 4
Moo! The cow was sick, Lenny was full of dread unpleasant peasant Lenny feed it bread so he punched it wham! It fell down to the ground then he brought cool cow to the butcher named hound to salted the flesh to sell at town the poor peasants cold Coles store was now down

Stanza 5
Evil villain villagers wanted to kill him his escaping chance from the barrel was slim the cow herd act so very unpleasant the mayor finally found a way to kill the peasant he ask mayor "what did I do to make me die?" Mayor replied " because you little black rascal lie!"

Stanza 6
The Shepherd sheep's jump in the sea where the peasant drown, there they could see then they jumped in to save the strongest sheep named cry but they failed to save it so they die so he escape and became the riches peasant Then he became so very pleasant