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Storytelling lessons from fairy tales

Published on Nov 18, 2015

A few lessons from fairy tales that apply to storytelling in the digital age.


Once Upon A Time...

Storytelling lessons from fairy tales
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Fairy tales' classic appeal is no accident.

A few common elements:

  • The underdog or unlikely hero
  • Conflict or tension
  • An 'inciting incident'
  • Culminating point
  • A happy ending

How is that relevant to your business or organization today?

The digital ecosystem is crowded.

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You have seconds to stand out.

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to hook us. your audience.

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So what about fairy tales?

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We can relate to the underdog.

Cinderella. Aladdin. The Harry Potters of yesteryear -- you know the type.

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We want to know their story.

We want to see the ending.

We are hooked.

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Are you succeeding against all odds?

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Did you fight off challenges to launch your product or service?

Are you championing a cause?

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Tell us your conflict.

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Show us your pain.

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We are rooting for you!

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Little Red Riding Hood sets off through the woods.

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The Three Little Pigs are kicked out of their house.

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Those are called inciting incidents.

The moments our heroes were called into action or embarked on their journeys.

Things don't just happen.

Tell us how you got here.

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Take us backstage.

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We want to see your "hero's journey."

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storytelling opportunities

  • Your founder's story
  • Customer successes
  • 'David vs. Goliath' moments
  • 'Eureka!' breakthroughs
  • Your impact on the world
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Make it personal.

Tug at the heartstrings.

Relate to us.

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And don't forget the happy ending.

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