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Story board-Impact of a T-shirt

Published on May 31, 2022

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Impact of a T-Shirt

Period 3 Social Studies

This picture is showing one of the many people who is engaged in helping a t-shirt get to you. He gets the shirts from Columbia to Miami in a ship.

This photo is meaningful and important to this stage in the journey because this man is one of many people who get you your shirts. This is a very important part in the process of T-shirts because he brings hundreds of thousands of T-Shirts to stores throughout America in a single ship ride.

The picture is showing the girl explaining what is behind a T-Shirt. And is showing that a T-shirt is not as simple as you may think.

There isn't a dedicated place where shirts are made, it involves many different places around the world as it says in the image. This is powerful because it connects that a T-Shirt isn't made in a single area but involves multiple different workers and countries.

These are some of the people working on the T-shirts in Bangladesh. This is only a small amount of people who work. A lot of the factories they work in are not safe,

This photo is important and meaningful to the process of making a t-shirt, because these are the people who are stitching and sewing on the t-shirts, and making them become t-shirts. It is crazy to imagine that this is only a very small amount of the people and they get paid very little, not even enough to support a healthy life in the U.S. There are living off about 1 dollar a day. Some of the workers, make even less. The payment varies from factory to factory.

This picture shows a lot of different people around the world. I feel like this represents the t-shirt world because people are always doing different things to work on shirts and get them to you.

I feel like this is meaningful and important to the t-shirt making business, because there isn’t a certain time when t-shirts are being made. They are always being made, whether it is being shipped to the U.S, stitched, printed, ect. T-shirts are always being made. I feel like this image is meaningful because it shows many people around the world working, and I feel like it shows an example of all the different people and jobs being done to make t-shirts.

People will have things, and you need shirts to be able to do things. T-shirts are an alternative to long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts if your hot.

I feel like this is meaningful and important to the t-shirt making process, because people need to do things around the world, and to do that you need shirts. T-Shirt are alternatives for sweatshirts and shirts if your hot.

The picture is showing someone who develops the seeds for cotton, to speed up the growing process. Seed engineers to different things to speed up the process of growing cotton. This allows them to produce more cotton faster in a shorter amount of time. Some of the things they do to the cotton can be bad for you.


This is the impact a T-Shirt has on the world, and how it is made.