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Southern colonies

Published on Nov 18, 2015

By: Max and Ignacio


Southern colonies

By: Max and Ignacio


  • Huge like small villages
  • Center near river or stream was planters hosue
  • Many of the workers were slaves
  • Stables, workshop, , fields by planters house
  • Long hours
Photo by atxryan

Small farms

  • Common
  • In backcountry
  • One or two servants or slaves per house
  • Made cash crops
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Family life

  • Most were home-schooled and hired teachers
  • Kids taught how to ride horses and hunt
  • Back-country familes lived far away from schools and towns
  • Older boys help father in plantation
  • Helped family at early age


  • 1600s slave time and hard work
  • More plantation= more slaves
  • Seperated from family and not treated good
  • Laborers or servants
  • Got whipped and the overseers had harsh laws
Photo by Leo Reynolds

African American culture

  • Believed in Christianity
  • Overtime they created a new culture
  • Made a "family" to survive their hard slave life
  • Created new language called Gullah
  • Played music and sang in the fields
Photo by ecstaticist