South America Rivers

Published on Nov 18, 2015

There is a huge number of South America rivers, some of them are worldwide known, like the Amazon and Orinoco rivers for instance. Through the following Haiku deck you'll be introduced to some of the most beautiful and impressive watercourses in the continent.


south america rivers

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itaipu dam - paraguay / brazil border

peguche waterfall - otavalo / ecuador

extreme  kayaking

rio da prata - bonito / ms / brazil

madeira river - brazil

flying over rupununi river - guyana

sao francisco river at alagoas - sergipe / brazil

sao francisco river canyon - brazil

morretes - state of parana / brazil

madeira river - brazil

upper parana river - argentina

epiphytes over urubamba river / peru

bio-bio river / chile

sunset over essequibo river / guyana

meeting of the waters: negro and amazon/solimoes rivers

fishing at nhundiaquiara river - Parana / brazil

formoso river - tocantins / brazil

foz do iguacu - border argentina / brazil

magdalena river - colombia

tocantins - brazil

tocantins river beach / brazil

rio da prata snorkeling - bonito/ms/brazil

parana river / argentina

rio de la plata - argentina / uruguay border

igarape - tapajos river / brazil

sunset at parana river - argentina

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