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Soul Science in Schools

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Education Today

  • Focuses on mental skills
  • Exploring outer world
  • Prepares for profession
  • Prepares for making money
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But Who Prepares Children for LIVING LIFE?

Children should also learn about their sacredness, fear-based vs. love-based living, removing self-limiting beliefs and living with mindfulness

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Such Life Skills prepare them for living with grace and ease

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Without this knowledge children suffer in many ways

The effects are already obvious....

Rising ADHD in Kids

  • 14% of all boys, ages 3 - 17
  • 6% of all girls, ages 3 - 17

25.1% of all US teens ages 13 - 18 have one or more forms of anxiety disorder

1 in 4 school kids is bullied on a regular basis in US

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91 incidents of gun violence in US schools alone since 2012

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Nearly 10% of kids are addicted to video games

Drugs, suicide, teen pregnancy

Even if kids escape ADD, bullying, anxiety,violence etc. they are unable to deal with ups and downs and make sense of life...

And feel lost without a sense of connection and belonging

Wondering how to deal with ups and downs:
failure, loss, rejection, disrespect of boundaries

Wounded Child's World View:

  • World is not a safe place
  • It's a dog-eat-dog world
  • If you don't win you are a loser
  • Is this all that life can be???
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Disconnected children
grow into disconnected adults, creating a disconnected world

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Can't we do better for our planet?

A Better Way Exists!

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Soul Science Can Help Children Connect With Their True Nature

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So what is Soul Science?

How Does It Help Practically?

Soul Science is the knowledge of universal laws that are the basis of all creation. It is the parental science from which all science stems.

The knowledge of Soul Science develops self-awareness, empathy and equanimity to enable the child to live an empowered life

Children gain precious skills: Mindfulness, Awareness of Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviors and Self-responsibility

Children become CALM, CENTERED, with Inner Confidence and able to navigate life and its challenges

A Different Child is Born!

  • Knowledge of one's unique essence
  • Compassion for Self and others
  • Inter-connectedness of all beings
  • A spirit of gratitude
  • Doing the 'right thing' becomes natural

Children learn to trust themselves and trust life

Soul Science gives meaning to life

Education is no longer only about livelihood
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Examples of Topics Taught:

  • Collaboration vs. Competion
  • Mastering your Emotions
  • Power of Intent
  • Removing Blame and Self-Doubt
  • Self-responsibility

Examples of Topics Taught

  • Our Relationship with Food
  • Lessons from Nature
  • Journey of Spiritual Masters
  • Stress Management
  • Peaceful Conflict Resolution

For e.g., How food choices affect us, choosing food with attention, eating food with mindfulness, our inter-connectedness with Earth

Soul Science Program Structure

  • Weekly class, 1 - 12 standard
  • Study through Art, Stories, Theory
  • Practical guidelines for use in life
  • Actionable 'homework'
  • Taught by trained volunteers

Stand-alone Workshops until Curriculum is finalized

Creative, Tridha, Waldorf Schools model already Soul Science succesfully

Schools, worldwide, offer Soul Science from classes 1 - 12. Children benefit practically.

Soul Science Program is self-sustaining, volunteer-driven and completely free of cost to schools and families

Many ways to get involved - Join the Soul Science Movement!

contact us!

Our Deepest Gratitude to Dr. Newton Kondaveti for his Wisdom,Vision and Love