Sort I.T. Out

Published on Jan 18, 2016

A presentation which looks at a pedagogy first approach alongside other tried and tested approaches to successfully using technology across the curriculum to have a big impact on raising standards.


Sort I.T. Out

Keys to successful ICT across the curriculum

Mark Anderson

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Pretty standard classroom?

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It's not what you do...

it's the way that you do it
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Pedagogy first

it's not about buying a load of tablets
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is not a ladder


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Research informed

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Evidence of success

and impact on standards

Low access, high challenge

Steps to success

Right conditions

Strong leadership

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Distributed leadership / Community engagement
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Student digital leaders

Innovative Teaching & Learning

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We can get better... approach

Innovative curriculum design

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Quality CPD

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Innovative PPD

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Engaged staff

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Engaged students

Learning environment

Learning spaces

Places to learn
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thank you

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