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Societal Collapse

Published on Nov 20, 2015

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Societal Collapse

Miles Schneider ANTH2030 Week 11

collapse Episodes

  • Prehistoric, ancient, premodern
  • Regional abandonment
  • Subsistence replacement
  • Sociopolitical conversion
  • Social, political, and economic causes
Photo by Timm Suess

Climate Change and effects

  • Natural climate change as catalyst
  • Effects available resources
  • Effects subsistence type/mode
  • Cycles of dry/wet direct agriculture
  • Flooding can end a people just like drought
Photo by Gulfu

Resource Scarcity

  • Lack of resources spurs change
  • Can require residence change
  • Can require method change
  • Can require technology
  • Can require change in social organization
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Harvey Weiss

Raymond BRadley

Photo by thekirbster

Weiss, Harvey, and Raymond Bradley. "What Drives Societal Collapse?." SCIENCE 26 Jan. 2001: 609-607. Web