Social Value


Measuring Intangibles

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Role of the Social Services

We Care so you Don't Have to?
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Social problems ...

... it ends here ...

the mind

... but starts here
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Modelling how our thoughts connect our actions to our environment
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Social Return
Value of the Citizen

a financial bet on a social outcome

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What does Good look like?

Value Framework

Good mind - good citizen - good communities - good regions - good nation - good world

Driven Dynamic Model

1 Billion Organisations

  • 165m companies in EU
  • 35m companies in USA
  • 40m companies in China
  • + NGO's
  • + Public Sector
  • + Projects
  • + Processes
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What's needed is a Model T-Ford

Fast, Reliable, Replicable, Cheap
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Social Value definitions explored in new bi-annual journal in 10 languages 130 pages


London March 2015
Prague Sept 2015
New York Jan 2016
Istanbul April 2016

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Jaroslava Hrabětová
Associate Professor Marie Dohnalová
Professor Olinga Ta’eed

House of Lords

Address Vatican, House of Lords, Billionaires
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Social Earnings Ratio

Disruptive Social Impact Metric
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10 seconds - UK£ 5

Organisational Value
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"the most rapidly adopted social impact metric in the world" [Vatican, 2015]

60 seconds

Personal Value

Convert Sentiment

into Financial Value
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capturing positive attributes ...

  • re-enablement (NHS
  • ambition (Arts Council)
  • spirituality (Prison Service)
  • fulfillment (Railway)
  • sexual health (Local Govt)
  • hope (Construction)
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... negative sentiment

  • hopelessness (Fire Service)
  • freedom (Modern Slavery)
  • violence (Womens Refuge)
  • dependency (Police)
  • oppression (Supply Chains)
  • cruelty (Trafficking)

those in isolation

 living outside our community networks

1. Identified profile of vulnerability
2. Gathered expression data
3. Sentiment analysis using semantic web
4. Forecast catastrophic environments

Positive Interventions

design Just-In-Time solutions as well as track enlightened pathways
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  • Personal Value
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Freedom
  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts
  • Mental Health
  • Leadership
  • Happy Cities
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1 million people

We all have value

From the poor ...

to the rich

wealth is not a barrier to value

in 9 months we have 50 staff , £30m sales funding not-for-profit research
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Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance

Professor Olinga Ta'eed