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Social Media for Women

Published on Dec 06, 2015

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Social Media

Kelli Burns

Social media use by women

Pinterest Stats

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Mobile Access

What women do

  • Interact with brands more often
  • Consume and share news more frequently

Effects of Social Media

  • Pew study found use of social media by women to be tied to lower stress.
  • Social media could be a coping mechanism.
  • Other studies found Facebook tied to unhappiness, jealously.


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Using Pinterest

  • Save and view online content: recipes, home decor, travel, crafts, fashion
  • Look for the Pinterest icon on sites or put Pin It tool on your toolbar and click to save
  • Organize your content using boards
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Using Instagram

  • Mobile platform
  • Apply filters to give your photo a different effect
  • Post to Instagram or other social media sites
  • Use a hashtag


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Using Twitter

  • Why?
  • Follow hashtags to see conversation in real time
  • Retweet, favorite (star), and talk to others using @
  • Tweet photos
  • 140 character limit
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Tips for Using Social Media

  • Sign up with your email (instead of another social media account)
  • Check your privacy settings
  • Turn off your location services

There's an App for That

  • 1 Second Everyday
  • Retail Me Not, Snip Snap, Shopular
  • Key Ring, FidMe
  • Toilet Finder
  • Waze, Cheap Gas


  • Go Fund Me
  • Donors Choose: for teachers
  • Kiva: microloan site for women in developing countries