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Social Media

Published on Nov 18, 2015

A presentation given at the CILIP MmIT AGM in January 2015, where I was asked to talk about the different ways in which I use social media for change in libraries and society more widely.


Changing Libraries

What's social media got to do with it?

Lauren Smith

PhD Researcher, University of Strathclyde

I use social media

(a lot!)
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It's personal

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It's professional

It's political

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It's interconnected

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"There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives. Our struggles are particular, but we are not alone."
Audre Lorde

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What do I know?

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I'm not an expert

Anyone can do it!
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I use it in the role of...

  • Librarian
  • Researcher
  • Public library advocate
  • Social media officer

What I'm doing

  • Challenging library cuts and closures
  • Challenging assumptions about libraries/librarians
  • Challenging the position of research in LIS
  • Changing the role of the researcher/academic
  • Connecting theory and practice more closely
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  • Social change
  • Change in discourse
  • Changing policy direction
  • Changing opinions
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Some principles

I tend to try to stick to...


There's no point pretending
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There's no point using something that doesn't work
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There's no point talking to yourself


time / content / platforms

Multiple platforms

for different uses
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It's easy to use

You can share writing across a team

You can ask others to contribute their perspectives

You can be the first to respond

Do a bit of damage control

I use it as a record of what's going on

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It's somewhere for me to write and reflect on LIS issues

(people do read this stuff)

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(it sometimes even changes their thinking)

It's a public CV

Evidence of my 'authority' on a subject
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Jan 2009 - foreverandever
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Sharing stuff

News articles, links, interviews
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  • Social media dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Scheduling tweets
  • Tracking what's going on
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Recording chat to share elsewhere
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Transient hashtags

  • #Sieghart
  • #thatsnotasoddinglibrary
  • #NLD14
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Reporting from conferences

People who aren't there want to know what's going on
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Sharing thoughts

and developing ideas
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It's important to be human

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(but it can be helpful for people to know who you are...)
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It's all about who you talk to

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Open access resources

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Sharing research

It's what we('re supposed to) do

Helping each other

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Amplifying the message

(whatever it is)
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Giving information

to other campaigners, students, journalists
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Supporting each other

Librarianship's pretty tough right now
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What else is useful?

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Somewhere to put my work and find others'
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Voices for the Library has 3,664 likes


Avoiding reinventing the wheel
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Google Drive

Useful for collaborative writing
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More than just a backup
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Online, open access, digital repository

Practising what you preach

Librarians should support accessibility
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Reaching further

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Shouting louder

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Getting out of the echo chamber

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Connecting library and information concepts to everyday life

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Connecting with other disciplines

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Influencing the narrative

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Thank you!

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