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So You Want To Paint Plein Air?

Published on Nov 18, 2015

A primer for plein air painting. The basic painting kit required to make a start plein air painting.


So You'd Like To...

Paint Plein Air?
Photo by marcdalessio

Plein Air Painting is

painting outdoors
Photo by ashamble


you find your subject
Photo by p0ps Harlow

A great way to

learn and respond directly to your subject

But before you start

it pays to be prepared 
Photo by kennymatic

Ask what you want

to achieve with plein air painting?
Photo by Alaskan Dude

A sketch

for a painting in the studio?

A Complete Painting

with touching up later?

You will need

basic plein air kit
Photo by jspad

Sketch Materials

To prepare on location


2B & 6B plus sketch pad

Felt tip marker

Black & Gray with broad tip

for Value Studies

like notan drawings

A Few Paints

Primaries, white and white spirits


Size 4,6 & 8 plus a rigger
Photo by Tech109


like this French easel, or
Photo by banksias

Pochade Box

mounted on a tripod

carry bag

or back pack 
Photo by sparcal_photo

Painting Panels

and a wet panel carrier

Comfort Items

Hat, sunscreen, water 
Photo by pirrandi_as

Your Space

to paint what you desire!
Photo by martinak15

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