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Snowed In?

Published on Nov 06, 2015

Leo, a 6-year-old blogger from www.my-little-poppies.com, provides 20 fun ideas for when you are snowed in!


Snowed In?

Here are 20 fun ideas for you!
Photo by KΛ13

bake cookies

Milk + Cookies = yum!
Photo by 60dn

snowball fight!

(just don't aim for faces!)


Photo by Tim Pierce

Complete a puzzle.

Photo by Tatters ❀

Make Pancakes

Add chocolate chips if you're feeling crazy!

Build a snowman!

Photo by Parke J. Ladd

Make Baked oatmeal.

Your belly will thank you.
Photo by Mesq

Paint Snow.

Grab some watercolors and have a blast!
Photo by John-Morgan

Have a Silly Supper!

Play music, dim lights, wear a goofy hat, have a picnic!

Go snow shoeing.

Go where there's no path and leave a trail!
Photo by Brian Giesen

Animal tracking.

It's fun to follow the trail!
Photo by jenny downing

Read a BIG pile of books!

Photo by ginnerobot

Build a snow fort!

Do a science experiment.

The messier, the better!
Photo by CodonAUG

Catch snowflakes!

On your tongue, or on black paper!

Stay warm, and visit my Blog!