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Smarthouse Films

Published on Dec 21, 2016

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Dub3 LLC &
Smarthouse Films

Strategic Alliance Proposal

  • Smarthouse offers client films & film fest favorites (mostly genre) to Dub3 on a regular basis

Strategic Alliance Proposal

  • Smarthouse offers developed properties with recognizable talent to Dub3 for production funding consideration via foreign sales, DVD residuals, and similar funding sources

Strategic Alliance Proposal

  • Smarthouse offers Dub3 marketing & publicity services for their slate of films at reduced rates

Strategic Alliance Proposal

  • Smarthouse provides marketing & publicity services for their own films in Dub3's slate at no charge

Strategic Alliance Proposal

  • Dub3 offers Smarthouse a "first look" output deal for feature-length genre content developed and produced by Smarthouse Films (and approved by Dub3)

Strategic Alliance Proposal

  • Dub3 guarantees placement / distribution for Smarthouse's first three (3) approved genre films, including limited theatrical, DVD/Bluray, and digital streaming

Smarthouse Films Initial Production Slate

  • 10 LITTLE LARPERS (horror-comedy)
  • ENCRYPTION (contained thriller)
  • GRIND TIME (urban crime thriller with established LA hiphop talent)
  • NUTCRACKER (horror-comedy)
  • NUTCRACKER'S REVENGE (horror-comedy sequel; produced back-to-back)
  • BEGINNER'S LUCK (crime thriller)

Proposed Next Steps

  • Negotiate back-end terms (DEC)
  • Smarthouse begins fundraising with deal memo in place (DEC-MAR)
  • Smarthouse publicly announces deal (mid JAN)
  • Smarthouse goes to Sundance (late JAN)
  • Production on first film begins (APR)
  • First film delivered to Dub3 (SEP)