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Sleepy Hollow

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It began when all the school teachers decided to quit their job because the kids were bad until ichobad crane came.

When Icohbad stared teaching he didn't mind when the kids were loud he just simply waited and when the kids were quiet he taught them. Then one day he fell in love with a girl her name was Katrina.

There was another man who was also in love with Katrina and was also one of Icohbad's rival. His name was Brom Van Brunt.

One night icabad,Brom Van Brunt,and the rest of the village were invited to a party.The party was being hosted by Katrina's father.

When the party was Brom Van Brunt started telling scary stories. Brom Van Brunt told one story about a guy in a war that gets his head cut off and every night he searches to find his head desperately. Icohbad got scared but said to himself it probably fake.

After the party was over having failed to secure Katrina's hand, Ichabod rides home "heavy-hearted and crestfallen".

As ichobad was going home when all of a sudden he saw a headless horseman. Ichobad was terrified by what he saw. Ichobad hitched up his horse and tried to get away but the headless horseman threw a pumpkin at ichobad and he was knocked out but his horse kept on going.

The next day people were shocked by what the saw it was ichobad's hat and a smashed pumpkin. Later that day they found ichobad' horse but no sign of ichobad, from that day on when somebody talks about sleepy hollow they remember ichobad's story.