SEO 101 with Kyle Bailey

Published on Feb 09, 2018

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SEO 101 with Kyle Bailey

Tools, Tips & Strategies
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1. Strategy

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State of SEO in 2020

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Easier than Ever*

*with giant asterisk
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But still hard...

Good Content Covers All

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But Optimization Matters

Wild West Sherrif

Cleaned out all the bad guys

But there are still rules to follow...
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2. Tools

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Chrome Extensions:

  • SEO META in One Click
  • Fat Rank
  • Keywords Everywhere
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Other Tools

  • SEMRush
  • Google: Analytics, Search Console, Page Speed Insights
  • MOZ
  • Yoast (on WP)
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Live Demo (later)

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SEO Tips

Title Tags:

After Content, MOST important

Keyword Study

Live Demo 
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Best Practice:

  • Footer
  • NAP, Key Links, Form
  • ONLY ONE H1 per page
  • MANY H2's
  • H3's on down don't really matter for SEO
  • Intralinking (it's own workshop)
  • Mobile Friendly
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Untitled Slide

  • URL Structure (wp & yoast take care of this): Live Demo
  • Meta Description
  • Categories & Tags in WP (blogs)
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  • Hierarchy: Most important page?
  • Many links per page
  • Anchor text is critical ("Click Here" = DEATH)
  • Link More to Core Pages
  • Use Blog posts to target Keywords and anchor pages
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  • Alt and Title Text
  • Image type: Jpeg
  • Learn to optimize in Photoshop
  • DON'T keyword stuff, be descriptive
  • Try to use 3 images per 500 words of text
  • NINJA: combine your images into a slideshare video about your blog title
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UPDATE for 2020!!

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1. BERT!!

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  • Happened in Fall
  • HUGE change
  • "Things, not Strings"
  • Entities, not keywords
  • Think "descriptive keyword group"
  • Quality over Quantity still rules
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2. GMB

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Google My Business page

  • Google Plus is Dead
  • Local Business on Steroids
  • Post regularly
  • Post a lot
  • Pics, news, helpful info
  • Be exhaustive

SEO 101 with Kyle Bailey

Tools, Tips & Strategies
Photo by Robert Scoble

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