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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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BY Jordan Smith
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  • Retain outspokenness of "a small child."
  • Do not conform to popular culture.
  • Express unique ideas; take pride in individuality.
  • Do not imitate others as "models of perfection"
  • Live up to your own ideals
  • Do so even if you get critisized
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Speaking your mind if you have a problem is a good way to depend on yourself to fix issues.

Pop culture can be poisonous to a person if they become like everyone else. They rely on society to determine who they are.

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Express your unique ideas even if you get criticism. Relying on yourself for ideas is self reliance.

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Actors may be looked up to, but they should not be seen as a model of perfection. Then you will want to conform to them.

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Connection to something modern:

Most celebrities are poisonous to your individuality.