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SD Summit 2015 Stats

Published on Nov 18, 2015

SiriusDecisions Summit 2015 key takeaways and statistics from the event. We take a deeper look at these trends and make predictions about the future of marketing and sales. Join us for the journey!

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Top SD Summit 2015 Trends

A Journey into the Future of Sales & Marketing
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In SD Summit We Trust

  • 2,300+ marketing & sales professionals, analysts & tech vendors.
  • Focus on "Strategies for Intelligent Growth" with cutting edge research.
  • Delegate marketing spend = $20 billion in purchasing power.
  • Enormous insight into the importance of marketing & sales alignment.
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A journey into the future of marketing & sales

Let's get started...


"Buyers go through 67% of buying process before engaging with sales rep."

Although buyers research online before engaging with a sales rep, they do require help earlier on than we thought.

- SiriusDecisions

Live poll of 2,300+ in attendance indicated they expect the importance of a salesperson in B2B buying process to only increase.

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Takeaway #1

The relationships salespeople have with prospects are becoming more important than we thought.

65% of content in B2B organizations goes unused.

- SiriusDecisions

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85% of marketers using marketing automation in 2014 felt they weren't using it to it's full potential

- Marketo

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B2B marketers must create 11 - 17 interactions to enable a purchase.

- SiriusDecisions

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Takeaway #2

Marketers are overwhelmed with content and technology demands.

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79%of B2B marketing generated leads do not get sales follow-up.

- FireEye

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Sales generated leads are 4x more likely to close vs. marketing-generated leads.

- Heinz Marketing

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Takeaway #3

Salespeople must build trusted relationships with key prospects earlier in the sales process.

Companies that have aligned sales & marketing deliver 19% more growth.

- LinkedInB2B

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What does this mean for the future of marketing & sales?

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"No matter how personalized marketing becomes, trust always trumps content."

- Steve Woods
Co-Founder & CTO, Nudge

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You can build trust using the right content, at the right time.
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How can marketing & sales do this?

  • Build authentic relationships between salespeople and prospects, earlier on.
  • Provide real value through relevant and timely content on a 1-to-1 basis.
  • Balance marketing content with external sources that aren't self serving.
  • Align marketing & sales teams to achieve common goals.
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