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Science Analogies

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Inflammatory response is like a balloon because cold starts of small than gets worse

Immune response is like a puzzle because it can distinguish between different kinds of pathogens just like puzzles has lots of differant pieces

T cell like a detective for the pathogens because it identifies them

A B Cell is like a little factory because they produce antibodies

Antigens are like aliens to earth because their not supposed to be in our body

Antibody is like a solider because they fight off the bad pathogens

Skin is like a barrier because it keeps you safe from germs

Stomach is like a tank because it's a holder

Breathing passages are like tunnels because they let air in and out

Fevers are like a fire in your body because your body is warmer than its normal temp

A vaccine is like a trainer because it trains your body to fight off the viruses

Antibiotic is like a toxin because it kills off the bad