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Santa To The Rescue

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Duncan's Xmas story for reading buddies



Photo by patti haskins

One cold December night Mary and Joseph were going to Bethlehem because Mary was going to give birth to Jesus. Their donkey was getting tired and couldn't go on much longer ''Oh come on donkey,'' wailed Joseph.

Photo by KayVee.INC

Mary looked up at the night sky and saw Santa '' Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas,'' Boomed Santa. ''Help help,''yelled Joseph. ''Stop down there reindeers,'' Santa bellowed. ''Now what the problem?'' asked Santa. Mary replied '' I'm having a baby '' I need to get to Bethlehem now,'' Well what are you waiting for climb aboard,'' said Santa.

Photo by David Locke1

As they were flying across the sky a bright light shone on them it was a big star '' amazing,'' whispered Mary '' HO HO HO almost there,'' announced Santa. ''Hooray!'' Screamed Joseph.

Photo by Puzzler4879

As they arrived a Bethleham they saw the three wise men '' woohoo,'' shouted Joseph. Joseph ran to get the cradle to put the baby into. Joseph put the cradle down just in time to see baby Jesus.

Photo by Martin Beek

''Ho Ho Ho he's a lovely baby,'' boomed Santa. Would he like to come for a ride in my sleigh,'' asked Santa. ''He would love to,'' answered Mary.

'' Off we go,'' shouted Santa reindeers were going to Jerusalem,'' " Finally we are here," said Mary. "Thank you Santa," thanked Joseph.

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"Would you like to stay for tea," asked Mary " no sorry got to take presents to kids,'' replied Santa "well I will see you later then Santa," whispered Mary. " Merry Christmas," shouted Santa.

Photo by Barta IV