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We'll focus on how to
Visit and
ultimately Find the
college that "fits"

SACAC Camp Mini College Search & Find

Published on Apr 23, 2016

A presentation by Beverly Anderson and Kat Coy at SACAC's Camp Mini Camp College at Maryville College. This session focused on starting the College Search, narrowing college choices, utilizing the Campus Visit and College Fairs.


Search & Find

East TN Mini Camp College 4/23/16
We'll focus on how to
Visit and
ultimately Find the
college that "fits"
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Beginning a college search can feel like you're about to enter a vast, dark tunnel....

you're not sure what's ahead,

how to begin the process,

and not quite sure how you'll how to find your way.
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It can feel like a big "Where's Waldo" or "Search & Find" book.

So many choices - THOUSANDS!

How do you begin?

Narrow the Search

Utilize some tools to help you narrow the search down to a few that will STAND OUT as solid choices to APPLY and later VISIT.

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Don't leave the money factor to the end. Have a frank discussion as a family of what your "realistic financial target" range will be
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It's a little more complicated than just putting your finger on a map.....

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bigger than your high school?

smaller than your high school?

BIG small medium

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religious affiliation


What are some ADDITIONAL FACTORS important to you?
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Name that College

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college grids

Did you know.....

If you have a 3.2 and a 22, name 2 TN and 2 out of state schools where you could gain admission?

where you could get $$$?
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for the College Fair
dress for success

introduce yourself


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Campus Visit

making the most out of your campus visit
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Bev Anderson

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