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Rise and Converge

Published on Nov 18, 2015

The philosophy behind Rise and Converge.


Rise and Converge

It's what we need to do
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First, some introductions

This is me!

This is my family

Education is my calling

It's through education that ALL people will rise and converge

Teach people

  • Knowledge will make them powerful
  • They will be equipped to help others
  • Corollary: Happiness and Community
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In this way

People will rise and converge together
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There are a lot of ways we can help others

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Bring value to everyone

at home and at work
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Remember that every day

is a learning experience
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And every obstacle

can lead to great and unforeseen results


blog, tweet, post, send whenever you can
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Create a community

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Sharing is

an ethical obligation for teachers, AND...
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Anyone, no matter what he or she does, can be a teacher

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We just need to cultivate the heart of a teacher

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Remember that we're

in this together
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  • Read and write
  • Be generous and teach
  • Create a community and share

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