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Revenue Boosting Ideas

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Revenue Boosting Ideas for Every Medical Practice. Many practices are struggling to survive financially due to declining income and increasing expenses. But according to Fudley Bezuidenhout, practice management consultant with Better Practice Management, there's still more that many practices can do to boost revenue. Here, Fudley shares some of his tips.


Revenue Boosting Ideas

for Every Medical Practice

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Paper Handling

Use Your Practice's IT as Much as Possible
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2. Understand The Benefits

Of Your Top Ten Medical Schemes
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3. Cut Down On Distractions

Unsubscribe, Reduce Phone Calls, Go Paperless
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4. Retain And Grow Your Patients

Show That You Care
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5. Explore Additional Sources

of Revenue
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6. Manage Your Profit

Understand Your Income & Expenses
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7. Lastly, Get Help

From Your Staff, IT Person, Accountant
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