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Regulation Roadblock
Manufacturing Industry Leaders Call For Regulation Reform

By Frank Festi, Jr., CPA, CFP
Medina office
Rea & Associates

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Regulation Roadblock: Manufacturing Industry Leaders Call For Regulation Reform

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Have you ever wondered what goes into the cost of manufacturing a product in America? Sure, material and labor costs factor into the price; and so do transportation and marketing costs. But did you know that American manufacturers must also manage costs associated with compliance to increased regulations and government mandates? Unlike their overseas counterparts, American manufacturing companies are subjected to a variety of regulation roadblocks and, in the interest of making money, have to charge a little bit more for products that are ?Made in the USA."

Check out this slideshow to read more about the regulations that are currently hindering manufacturers and what Ohio manufacturing leaders and business owners Randy Bennett of Automation Tool & Die, Inc., Ralph Holstein of Albion Industries and Steve Shuck of RICO Manufacturing have to say about the regulation roadblocks they are facing.