Reading Program Evaluation - 3/9/20

Published on Mar 04, 2020

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Reading Program Evaluation - 3/9/20

Mineral Point Elementary School

Celebration: Consistency

Third Year in Row - Significantly Exceeding Expectations

Library Media Technology Programming

Integration of Services

Instructional Coaching

Program Evaluation

English Language Arts (ELA)

Literacy Trends Over Time


  • Consistent Enrollment
  • Staff Feel Supported
  • ELA Results Sustaining
  • Integrated Support Services


  • Students' SEL Needs
  • Relevance of Work
  • Consistent ELA Curriculum
  • Data-Informed Discussions

Next Steps

  • Review Strategic Plan (In Year 2 of 5-Year Plan)
  • PK-12 Vertical Articulation of ELA Practices & Expectations
  • Systems Approach to Teaching the "Whole Child"