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Ramses II

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Photo by TwOsE

Welcome to the People's choice awards! TODAY we WOuld like to show you WHY RAMSES II IS THE GREATEST OF ALL THE OTHER NOMINATED EGYPTIAN PERSONALITIES. Just sit back and enjoy as we take you this journey of a magnificent pharaoh!

Photo by D-Stanley

Ramses Ii was The third pharaoh of the 19th dynasty

Ramses ii had a 67 year reign as pharaoh.

Photo by Arctic--Fox

He constructed more buildings and colossal statues than any other Egyptian king.

Photo by Jorge Lascar

Some of his greatest monuments are the two huge temples at Abu simbel.

He Reigned from 1279 to 1213 BCE

Photo by dayangchi

Ramses ii had the Second longest reign in Egyptian history

There are many reasons why Ramses ii should receive the people's choice award...

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1. He was very active in building monuments.
His legacy was building and expanding Egypt.

Photo by Jorge Lascar

2. He was known to be the most important pharaoh of the 19th dynasty.

Photo by HannahPethen

3. He built armies and expanded territories.

Ramses Ii has a great link to the 21st century through his incredible architectural creations.

As you probably know, he created the statues of Ramses II in the valley of kings

The statues are extremely resemblant to the style of those of Mount Rushmore in the United States.

Photo by Kurt Magoon

It is very likely that the idea for Mount Rushmore stemmed from Ramses' statues.

Both are also carved into very large pieces of stone.

Photo by Nick Perretti


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