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Quick Tips for Writing a Great Persuasive Essay

Published on Nov 25, 2021


Irrespective of whether you are a student or not, writing essays is one skill that you need to develop and cheap essay writing service will help you in this regard. It helps to improve your understanding of issues and enhance your knowledge. Essay writing can also help in the assessment of students. Teachers use essay writing as part of coursework activities. The level of difficulty varies depending on the content provided by the teacher. Regardless, teachers always assign essay tasks such as an opinion piece, an analytical essay or even a comparative study between two different writers' works.

Above all else, there are those who believe that persuasive essays are among the most challenging types of academic papers to write . Clearly, they require a powerful introduction statement followed by good supporting ideas and then finally a conclusion that brings everything together.

Despite the difficulty involved in writing persuasive essays, you can always come up with an effective argument. In this article, we highlight and provide you with some useful tips that will help you write a persuasive essay . The next time you are assigned an opinion paper by your teacher, it will be easier to complete it within the specified deadline.

Thesis statement – Opening sentence of a persuasive essay

At first glance, the thesis statement may seem like any other topic sentence. Be that as it may, there is a difference between them. This cheapest essay writing service use 'thesis statements' to guide then throughout their entire piece so as to ensure flow and consistency throughout their essay. A good way of identifying whether your opening sentence is indeed a thesis statement or is just a topic sentence is to ask yourself whether you can complete the statement by writing "because" or not.

Know Your Audience

Yes, we all know how persuasive essay writing makes use of a variety of elements to convey our message to the reader. However, we often forget about one crucial element – the audience . Readers can be split into three different interest groups. They are; readers who are able to fully comprehend any argument put forth in your essay, those who agree with you and then finally there is that group of people who do not agree with your ideas and perspectives at all.

What is expected from you as far as your paper's content is concerned will vary depending on which group of readers you have been given for this task. If you were assigned an essay topic that appeals exclusively to your own views or beliefs, it means that the only thing required from you would be to explain your case clearly and logically.

However, if you have been given a topic that is of general interest or appeal, the type of essay writing approach you use will be much more complicated because you have to include all three different types of readers. Therefore, you need to identify carefully your audience's social personality; their economic status as well as their educational level before you can effectively write an essay .

Appeal to Authority - A popular feature in persuasive essays.

You are required to tell readers whether they should accept or reject a certain issue, belief or statement through logical facts and figures collected from other sources such as journals and research papers. One way of doing this is by appealing to authority . Essentially this means informing the reader about sociological facts and figures. You may also include statements or remarks made by influential people in the relevant field.

Another good way of presenting your ideas to readers is to use statistics. Statistics can be both qualitative (descriptive) or quantitative (numerical). Regardless, all types are important tools for persuasive essay writing . Statistic tables, pie graphs and charts can help you explain the data in a clearer manner to readers. 

Convince Them with Your Ideas – A driving force behind persuasive essay writing

Understanding what you want from readers and then presenting your beliefs in such a manner that they accept them without thinking twice will require a lot of hard work on your part. To start with, write down as many facts support your claim as possible. Some facts and figures related to your subject can be found in academic journals and research papers available online.

Now, you have a considerable amount of data for your essay. To write interesting persuasive essays, you can refer free essay writing service and you will need to put the facts and figures in context somehow. You must explain how these statistics and other information support your argument throughout your essay . Take into consideration that readers may not know all the facts related to your topic so you will need to fill them in on everything they missed out on beforehand by including background information .

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