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Published on Dec 12, 2015

Investor pitch deck for the world's first live online pay-as-you-go legal advice service.



Questioning Legal Convention : Responding With Innovation


  • Legal aid budgets (and no-win, no-fee) being slashed creating advice deserts
  • Massive decrease in Govt grants for law clinics and pro bono work
  • Persistent unwillingness by the profession to regulate quality, reduce costs, simplify advice and offer greater accessibility


  • Live online legal advice in the 8 key areas of UK law (property, employment, contract, family, motoring, criminal, personal injury and business)
  • Via p2p encrypted 24/7 web portal and free cross-platform mobile/tablet apps (SiteLock protected)
  • Pay-as-you-go at 60 pence per minute, with no tie-in or minimum spend
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  • Instant dual authenticated social media sign-up (with free support)
  • Secure cardless/mobile payment system
  • No shared cloud, website flash, tracking cookies, adverts or robot helpers in sight
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Online Market

  • 86% of the UK adult population is regularly online
  • With web transactions rising by 16.2% year-on-year
  • And consumers making 21.2 internet purchases per annum, with an average unit price of £55.76
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Legal Market

  • The UK legal services market is now valued at over £30bn, increasing at a rate of more than 8% per annum
  • With 22+ million people having had an average of 3.5 legal needs over the past 3 years
  • More than 40% of consumers now plan to use online legal services


  • Our UK test marketing generated over 125k website visitors per day (exceeding top international law firms)
  • We have 15k+ high quality followers across social media, including 12 leading King's Counsel
  • And details of more than 7k top business contacts across the globe
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Competition (i)

  • LegalZoom fixed-fee referral service (not yet launched in UK)
  • Rocket Lawyer provide legal documents & 3rd party advice
  • Dentons developing personal assistant for in-house legal staff
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Competition (ii)

  • A call centre operator pairs you with a law firm (3rd party referral)
  • Email your question via a website and any available lawyer responds (within 24hrs)
  • Choose a lawyer through a comparison website/The Law Society and wait for an email/callback


  • We are a small team of passionate, tech-savvy British social entrepreneurs
  • Our founder is credited by Richard Susskind with building the first legal services comparison website
  • Together we have unrivalled expertise in both the online environment and practise of law
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  • Projected net profits of £400k (year 1), £1.1m (year 2) and £2.2m (year 3)
  • We expect to offer a 39% return on your investment within 18 months
  • A P/E of 4 gives a year 3 end company valuation of £8.4m
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  • Our Quegal crowdfunding will commence on the 5th September, 2023 (with perks for various early levels of investment)
  • Marketing to be via a social media viral video campaign
  • With a website and app build time of approximately 7 months
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Funding & Exit

  • With your help we aim to raise a minimum of £1.5m in this round (with no upper ceiling)
  • We intend to channel surplus profits into a gradual European roll-out
  • Exit strategy to be via a company stock market flotation
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Intellectual Property

  • We already hold the Quegal trademark in the UK
  • Together with the relevant company domain names worldwide
  • And intend to patent our own unique cutting-edge hard/software solutions
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Potential Clients

  • We have already had considerable interest from major corporations and charities both at home and abroad
  • These include Paramount Pictures and the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux
  • The legal profession has also expressed an interest in our service
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Social Good

  • Creating local jobs supporting the national living wage, workplace equality and diversity
  • Partnering with & training students from the large university (and law school) on our doorstep
  • Free legal guides in each practice area, together with regular online pro bono clinics
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Differentiation (i)

  • Cheaper than legal insurance schemes, bogus free/virtual firms or any overseas web/app 3rd party referral outfit
  • Quality (and reliability) control across the board, with full indemnity cover
  • Accessibility options built into our website and apps, with ease of use and money back guarantee
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Differentiation (ii)

  • Supporting flexible home working (and bring your own device policy)
  • Together with new accessible avenues to legal accreditation
  • And an employee shared ownership programme
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Differentiation (iii)

  • No expensive advertising, offices or partner salaries
  • No overseas support centres
  • No hidden extra charges, elaborate terms & conditions, sale of client info or marketing spam


  • Changes in UK legal services legislation mean companies can now provide advice direct to the consumer/business
  • This crucially includes the ability to accept 3rd party development funding
  • So for the first time, the legal industry is a level playing field ripe for client focused innovation
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Mission Statement (i)

  • We intend to disrupt the latent market (of everyday legal questions)
  • So democratising access to help and advice for people and businesses everywhere
  • Using a combination of machine learning and big data, we will put you firmly in control
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Mission Statement (ii)

  • Now you will never have to overpay for (or under receive from) unnecessary fixed fee packages ever again
  • We have been called the Uber for law, but we are of course much more than that
  • Not to mention being an entirely UK based world first!

Thank You

Robert Quaranta E: radq@quegal.com M: +44 (0) 7881 026986

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