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QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator

Published on Dec 17, 2015

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QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator

2 Minute Tech Tip
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What Is the QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator?

  • Free Web 2.0 Tool Created by Russel Tarr at ClassTools.net
  • Technologically-Enhanced Scavenger Hunt/"Scoot" Activity
  • Uses QR Codes

What You Need

  • 1 Mobile Device/Group
  • QR Code Reader (The QR Code Extension for Chrome Browser)
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Getting Started

  • Type Out Questions & Answers
  • Copy & Paste Into Tool Provided by Site to Generate QR Codes
  • Print & Display Codes Around Classroom or School
  • Keep Record of Where You Posted Codes
  • For A Challenge - Different Size Codes/Unusal Places

How It Works

  • Display the 1st "Introductory" Code on the Board
  • Each Group Scans It & Are Off to Find Remaining Codes
  • The Winner = 1st Group to Return with the Most Correct Answers
  • Scoring Suggestion - 1 pt = Each Decoded Question; Additional 2 pts = Each Correct Answer

Let's Give It A Try!!!


  • Free/No Sign-Up
  • Fun/Novelty Factor
  • Easy to Use/Minimal Prep
  • Student Engagement (Up & Moving)
  • Can Vary Questions - Existing Knowledge OR Require Further Research (Higher Order)
  • Can Be Used in Variety of Subjects
  • Internet Not Required (Decodes as text files
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  • Classroom Management Issues
  • Supervision Issues (Can't Roam School)
  • Competition (But Could Reinforce Good Sportsmanship)
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Would You Use???/How???

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