Q1: Do you consider your business a publisher? Do you believe the paradigm of brand=publisher applies to you?

Published at Nov 19, 2015
@BruceClayInc hosted the weekly #SEOchat on 4.10.14.



Q2: As you transition into a publisher, what have you learned from traditional publications or other businesses?

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Q3: Mission statements can help drive content with a purpose. Does your brand have a mission for its publishing?

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Q4: Does functioning like a media org require more coordination between departments? How do you facilitate communication?

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Q5: What content types do you publish most (ex: web pages, blog, curation posts, videos, social posts, infographics)? Why?

Q6: For titles, do you find publisher goals (optimize for virality/social sharing) & SEO (rank for relevant keywords) are at odds?

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Q7: Who writes for your brand? Who edits? Is content primarily generated in-house?

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Q8: Do you encourage your writers to build their own brand and authority? How?

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